Veinoplus calf stimulation for leg vein symptoms - 2nd September 2014
CVCMC has the Veinoplus device in stock. This device has been proven to be effective in reducing leg swelling, heaviness, and pain in patients with venous disease.
Website: Veinoplus website
Laser-guided Cosmetic Injections - 4th April 2013
To minimise bruising in susceptible individuals, the doctors at CVCMC are utilising the latest technology in vein imaging to map out and avoid blood vessels during cosmetic injections for expression lines. Along with the ultrafine needles that we use, bruising is becoming rarer and rarer.
New techniques now available for eye rejuvenation - 20th July 2011
CVCMC is pleased to be offering new injection techniques for eye rejuvenation using fillers through fine cannulae instead of sharp needles. These new cannulae result in less bruising and tissue injury during procudures and can also be used in other areas of the face.
New facial fillers and techniques - 11th May 2010
We have a new version of facial filler available from one of the leading dermal fillers worldwide. This new fillers provides for large volume replacement especially in the upper cheek areas. Rather than going under the knife, this new technique replaces volume lost while still retaining a natural look.
Website: Volumetrics
New Hair Removal Laser - 23rd March 2010
Hair removal is now faster, with less discomfort with the new Lightsheer Duet High Speed Laser, proven to be the most effective laser for this purpose, with superior results compared to Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) devices.
Injections are now less painful at Central Vein and Cosmetic - 22nd December 2009
We are very pleased to announce the arrival of a range of new needles for both cosmetic and leg vein injections. Finer than previously available in Australia, these new needles are proving to be significantly less painful and result in less bruising especially in cosmetic facial injections.
Regenlab Platelet Rich Plasma treatments now available - 24th July 2009
Central Vein and Cosmetic is now offering platelet-rich plasma treatments using the Regenlab system. This new treatment uses Autologous Biocellular technology to stimulate natural skin regeneration.
Website: Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment
Rationale skin care products are now available - 24th June 2009
Rationale skin care products are now available from Central Vein and Cosmetic Medical Centre.
Website: Rationale Skincare
We are now performing procedure skin peels - 24th June 2009
Central Vein and Cosmetic Medical Centre is pleased to be now offering a range of chemical peels.
Website: Procedure Peels