Ultrasound Guided Sclerotherapy

ULTRASOUND GUIDED SCLEROTHERAPY (UGS) is a modern technique for treating advanced varicose veins. UGS is a versatile procedure that can treat saphenous veins, perforating veins, and smaller tributary (branch) veins..

The duplex ultrasound precisely displays the abnormal veins, as well as adjacent structures such as deep veins and arteries.

The phlebologist injects the abnormal veins while observing the process on the ultrasound monitor. UGS is particularly useful in targeting abnormal vessels that are located deep and are therefore not visible. Once injected, the treated vessel will be absorbed by the body and disappear with time. A number of injections will be required along the length of the vein to achieve complete closure. Another significant advantage of this method is that it allows the phlebologist to monitor the effect of each injection, while ensuring the safety of all adjacent structures. The use of sclerosant as foam, rather than solution, has made this procedure much more effective.

The treatment may take up to half an hour. Following the procedure, patients are fitted with graduated compression stockings and asked to go for a 30–40 minute walk to promote blood flow in the deeper veins.

before UGS after ugs
before ugs2 after ugs2
Before Treatment After Treatment