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Types of Vein Treatments

Varicose veins do not need to be surgically stripped. Recent guidelines out of the UK and Europe have placed the traditional surgical stripping procedure as a 3rd line treatment after both endovenous laser and ultrasound guided sclerotherapy. Modern non-surgical treatments are safer, more effective, and give better cosmetic results. 

Central Vein and Cosmetic Medical Centre provides a range of vein treatments for all sizes of leg veins. From the smallest spider veins to the largest varicose veins, there is a non-surgical treatment available. Every leg is different, and treatment needs to be tailored to the individual. Our doctors have extensive experience in treating leg veins and after fully assessing your legs, will recommend the appropriate treatment for you.

What to expect during your iniitial consultation.

Many patients ask us about laser treatments for spider leg veins. Except in vary rare conditions, laser treatment of spider veins in the leg is not effective and can cause serious burns and other complications. Some general cosmetic clinics offer treatment of leg spider veins with laser. The results from such treatments often do not match the patient's expectatations, and can give unacceptible side effects. Don't waste your time and money on such treatments.  

We also treat unsightly veins in other parts of the body. Breast veins and hand veins are the commonest unsightly veins that we treat. 

Treatment options at this centre include;

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Form information on the old stripping procedure and why no vein now needs to be surgically removed