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Leg Ulcers

One of the commonest cause of leg ulceration is venous hypertension (high pressure in the leg veins). Varicose veins can be responsible for causing this raised pressure, leading to leg ulcers that are slow to heal and that tend to recur.  This usually happens in people who have had varicose or other noticable leg veins for many years. Often patients have tried many types of dressings, which have either not helped or the ulcers have returned after healing.

People who have problems with leg ulceration should be assesed by one of our doctors as to the likely cause of their ulcers. In the case of it being determined that their varicose veins or other venous condition is a major factor, there are treatment options available which include compression therapy, ultrasound guided sclerotherapy, and endovenous laser. These treatments can lead to healing of these ulcers and prevent them returning.


ulcer before ulcer after
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Leg Ulcer Leg after treatment